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Adding equivalent GCSE/A-Level grades after studying abroad
Adding equivalent GCSE/A-Level grades after studying abroad

You globe-trotter, you.

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So, you studied abroad - nice one. But how do you make those grades play nice with UK GCSEs or A-levels? Here's a quick lowdown.

  1. Figure Out Your System: Not all grades are created equal. Know what system you're dealing with first.

  2. Talk to the Big Wigs: The UK exam boards or your uni might have some general pointers on grade alchemy. Hit them up.

  3. DIY Online: We recommend hitting up an online calculator for a quick outcome.

UCAS sometimes drops hints about grade equivalence so it is definitely worth going to them first. πŸŽ“ Website: UCAS

Are online tools on the money?

They're more ballpark than bullseye. Don't treat them as gospel; they're more like guidelines really. In most cases, we will accept a rough estimate - so defo give it a shot.

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