When will I be matched?

Finding your perfect match.

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Our algorithm looks for a mentor studying your subject at your ideal university. That way, they can give you the best advice possible. This means that while sometimes we can match you immediately, sometimes it takes a little longer to find your perfect match.
First thing's first though and that's to make sure you have clicked "Match me" on your home page. This will only appear after you've attended the Intro Webinar. If you don't see it then you've probably already pressed it and you're good to go!

🌟 | Whilst we work our magic, we've got loads for you to do and explore:

  • Attend weekly Masterclasses to boost your potential from the get-go. We have everything covered from choosing that perfect uni and degree, to personal statement and career tips from experts at the top of their game.

  • Get started on your goals. Our new feature allows you to keep a clear track of your journey to uni by completing a series of tasks designed to help you excel.

🌍 | Oh and btw, you're not alone. Make sure to get stuck into Zero Gravity Community where you can:

  • Introduce yourself to fellow members and make like-minded mates

  • Receive advice from Zero Gravity mentors in our AskAMentor space

  • Catch up on our previous Masterclasses

  • Get insider access to exclusive Zero Gravity competitions and resources

  • Have a general chit chat

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