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School to uni glow up.

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With Zero Gravity, getting into university is just the first stop of a longer journey. Your membership is here to give you a leading edge in your degree from day one. It all starts with a real community of Zero Gravity members, then everything you need to smash your studies, and access exclusive opportunities from our top employers that want to hire you. We know starting uni is a huge time, so our membership backs you all the way.

If you joined Zero Gravity while at school, you’re automatically eligible for our Access All Areas membership. This gives you full access to all the best career opportunities on our platform - all totally for free.

Here’s the lowdown:

  • 💬 Be a member without mentoring: Becoming a mentor yourself is an enriching experience that looks great on that CV. It is totally optional though, because we know how much you’ve got on at the start of uni.

  • 👯 Instant campus community: Link up with other members at your uni and get your first-year questions answered, from navigating results to course support and nights out.

  • 🚀 Match with incredible career opportunities: We’ve got thousands of opportunities, masterclasses and professional mentors to help you ace your applications. Zero Gravity is here to help power your next steps.

All you need to do is drop us a message once you have access to your uni email and we'll do the rest.

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