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What is an Access All Areas membership?
What is an Access All Areas membership?

Power your future.

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Access All Areas is an exclusive membership tier at Zero Gravity designed to level the playing field for students from low-opportunity areas. If you're identified as an "Access All Areas" member by our algorithm, you'll gain special access to:

  1. Personalised Career Opportunities: We curate a list of career paths tailored just for you.

  2. Career Mentor Matching: Get paired with a professional in your dream industry to guide you.

  3. Exclusive Access to the Opportunities Tab: A space filled with resources and openings to help you succeed.

Why "Access All Areas"?

We believe talent should be defined by potential, not postcode. This membership aims to close the 'Awareness Gap' and end the 'Network Advantage' that often benefits students from more privileged backgrounds.

For this particular membership, we are currently prioritising students who were unlikely to have been surrounded by the same opportunities as their peers during their school studies.

How does this help?

  1. Fight Imposter Syndrome: See yourself represented in your dream careers.

  2. Close the Awareness Gap: Be in the know about opportunities you might not have been aware of.

  3. End the Resource Drought: Gain the network and resources you need to succeed.

How do I check my status?

Your "Access All Areas" status will be visible on your membership profile.

What if I don't meet the criteria?

For some of our opportunities, we prioritise those most clearly from low-opportunity areas. It’s all part of our mission to level the playing field. But we know everyone has ambitions that they’re working to make real.

That’s why we still offer free open access to the wider platform for talented students, so you can use it to power your future. As a Zero Gravity member, you’ll get access to incredible experiences and our 10k+ membership community of talent, all while sharing what you know to power others forward.

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