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What are your eligibility criteria?
What are your eligibility criteria?

Information about student eligibility

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At Zero Gravity, we look for students from backgrounds and areas where reaching a top university is more of a challenge than an inevitability.

Talent is equally distributed across the UK, opportunity is not. We’re looking to find high-potential talent from areas/situations of disadvantage to propel them into world-class universities and then into world-class careers.

Zero Gravity has two pillars of eligibility: one is related to academic profile and the other is related to the students’ socio-economic background. Zero Gravity students are high-potential students who are unlikely to have been surrounded by the same opportunities as their peers in more affluent areas.

Academic background

A student must meet each of the following three criteria to be eligible for Zero Gravity

  • Students must be in Year 12 / 13 (England & Wales), S4 / S5 (Scotland) or Year 13 / 14 (NI)

  • Currently attend a state school in the UK (comprehensive or grammar)

  • Have an average GCSE score of 7+ (A or above) or average one grade boundary above their school’s GCSE average

Socio-economic background

Once the above criteria are met, we prioritise eligibility for students based on historical data regarding university progression from the area they live in and the school they attend.

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