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Our university partnerships operate at a scale previously unseen in the access space. Together with our community of over 15,000 members, we create huge impact across all four corners of the UK.

How it works:

  • Deliver targeted impact. From boosting the career experiences of target student demographics to boosting the range of your outreach, we take a targeted approach to delivering the outcomes you want.

  • Save your resources. Our platform powers our members with masterclasses, mentoring and community to take them all the way from school to university and onto top careers, requiring minimal resourcing from your team.

  • Access all the numbers you need. Engagement, success rates and outcomes are captured in our data dashboards to evidence how you've powered up student futures.

The facts:

  • UCAS found Zero Gravity doubles a student's chances of reaching a top university

  • Zero Gravity membership supports students in every area of the OfS Equality of Opportunity Risk Register

Want to hear more? Dive into our UCAS report and submit your interest here.

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