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How do I unblock emails from Zero Gravity?
How do I unblock emails from Zero Gravity?

Information about recognising Zero Gravity as a trusted sender

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To ensure you and your students are making the most out of Zero Gravity, you may need to contact your ICT department to check they are not blocking our messages.
Below is a template you can copy and send to your tech or ICT department to help with this:
"We are working with Zero Gravity, an online mentoring platform that helps propel our students into top universities and careers. They will need to contact us and our students directly as a part of the process along with providing them with a link to a secure webinar site (Livestorm).
Please whitelist the following domain name so that they are recognised as an approved sender: along with and"
Livestorm is the secure website we use for our introduction webinars so make sure to include this as well, or your students won't be able to complete their profiles!

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about this as we're happy to help.

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