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How do I become a Zero Gravity Ambassador?
How do I become a Zero Gravity Ambassador?

Information about our Ambassadors

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Zero Gravity Ambassadors are the on-campus drivers of our social mission, organising creative campaigns, community events and more to spread the word about Zero Gravity far and wide.

To recruit our ambassadors, we assess our mentor users to find the most engaged members and reach out to them with the offer to apply for an ambassador role. This occurs periodically throughout the year.

We also offer the role to those that display a clear commitment to driving the mission forward on campus. This could be by recruiting mentors from their course, sharing our platform through social media, or their commitment to supporting students in our community.

In many ways, all Zero Gravity members are ambassadors of our mission, as word of mouth is our best weapon. Every time a new mentor joins the platform, there is a chance of someone's life being changed!

Keen to learn more about how you can increase your social impact and drive the mission forward? Reach out to our Undergraduate Talent Lead, Tom, at

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