What are Zero Gravity scholarships?

Information about Zero Gravity scholarships for schools

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If your students have the potential, we can help financially power them through uni.

How much is the scholarship for?

Zero Gravity provides £3k to our most dedicated members, meaning your students can receive money to spend on activities or items that help build their future by engaging with our platform. The funds can go towards anything from study trips to interview clothes, with £1k a year sent straight to their Zero Gravity card.

This secure card allows our scholars to receive their money seamlessly at the start of each academic year. This capability allows us to track expenditures, provide funder updates and confirm social impact.

Who funds Zero Gravity scholarships?

A mixture of corporate companies and high net worth individuals, many of whom are from socially mobile backgrounds themselves so want to help others.

The Zero Gravity scholarship is a separate organisation from the Zero Gravity tech platform, and it is a registered charity. We have a separate Board of Directors to make sure that there is fair oversight and 100% of donations go to scholarships. This means that the Zero Gravity tech platform pays for all admin and salary costs to run the charity.

Please reach out to shiv@zerogravity.co.uk for any scholarship-related questions.

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