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I need help with phone verification
I need help with phone verification

Where that SMS at?

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Current status: All Systems Operational βœ…

Remember that you've got a 24-hour window to complete the verification step for security reasons. After that, you'll need to request a new code.

A few things to keep in mind πŸ“²:

  • Double-check you've entered the correct number. Seems obvious, but it's an easy mistake to make. If you've entered the wrong number or code a few times, you may need to wait for the window to end so you can go again.

  • Make sure you are UK-based and that your area has a decent signal. Sometimes SMS delivery will be delayed or not come through at all as a result.

  • Clear any spam filters or blocks you might have on incoming messages. They might be stopping our SMS from getting through to you.

If you've tried all these and you're still having no luck, you should contact your service provider to check for any issues on their side.

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